It is our goal to promote physical activity producing healthy kids that gain positive self-esteem while achieving higher levels of strength, flexibility, and coordination.  With programs for the basic beginner to most advanced athlete, instructors are prepared to help each participant reach their full potential in a safe and energetic environment.
A variety of class levels are offered to meet your child's needs!

*Athletes must master ALL skills in order to advance to the next level.


Tiny Tumblers:

This class is for those just starting out with little to no previous tumbling experience.  Focus is placed on basic tumbling skills including rolls, bridges, cartwheels, strength, and flexibility. For ages 3-5.

       Class Length:  45 minute session


Tumble 1:

Tumble class for beginners.  Forward roll, backward roll, handstand, catwheel, round-off, bridge, bridge/kick-over, backbend, backbend/kick-over, front limber, front walkover are just some of the skills your tumbler will learn!

       Class Length:  1 hour session


Tumble 2:

Begin working on standing back handspring, back walkover back handspring, round-off back handspring, front walkover round-off back handspring, back handspring step-out!

       Class Length:  1 hour session


Tumble 3:

For athletes working on aerial cartwheel, round-off back handspring series, round-off back handspring / back tuck, series with a tuck, front punch, standing back handspring into back tuck

       Class Length: 1 hour session


Tumble 4:

This class is designed for the advanced athlete working on standing back tuck, round-off back handspring with a layout, round-off back handspring series with a layout/step-out, whip series, speciality series into a layout position

       Class Length:  1 hour session


Tumble 5:

Standing back handspring / full twist, round-off back handspring series into a full twist, speciality series into a full twist, double full twist

        Class Length:  1 hour session   

*All athletes must be potty trained.



12 Week Session = $156

**Join at any time price will be prorated**


 *There is a $30.00 annual registration fee for all members. 


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Private Tumble Lessons:

All Levels - Coach David, Coach Cathyren, Coach Mary, Coach Christy, Coach Laura, Coach Brittany, Coach Kylie, or Coach Kenzie

Call us at 309-354-1028 or e-mail us at for additional information and availability for Private Lessons!