Fusion Athletics is home to several Summit Finalist Teams and most recently in 2018 receiving two top 10 finishes and in 2017 a 3rd place Finalist.

All-Star cheerleaders have taken the sport to a new level! Imagine combining the athleticism of gymnastics and acrobatics with the entertainment of a Broadway show, Tumbling, Stunting, Basket Tosses, Jumps, Pyramids and Dance are all choreographed into an outrageous 2:30 minute routine that challenges the imagination! During the months from November thru March we take our show on the road and compete against some of the best cheerleaders in the United States.

All-Star cheerleading isn’t what you imagine when you think about the traditional role of cheerleaders – standing on the sidelines, leading cheers. All-Star cheerleaders have taken the activity of cheerleading to a place where they can train and obtain superior levels in tumbling, stunting, jumps, dance and cheer – inside the gym. The cheerleaders and teams are ‘leveled’ based on the ability and skill levels they perform at, much like competitive gymnastics. This allows teams to compete fairly at similar ability levels and for each cheerleader to be able to follow the proper progression through skills and levels. 

Of course, like any team sport, competitive cheer requires time, dedication, and commitment both physically, mentally and financially from the cheerleaders and their families alike. Our goal here at Fusion Athletics is to help cheerleaders perfect their skills. Our athletes will grow and learn in a fun and structured environment surrounded by supportive teammates, great families, and a wonderful coaching staff. At Fusion Athletics, you not only will fill a role on the team, but will also become a member of our extended family! We hope you choose to participate in try-outs and become a part of our competitive All-Star Cheerleading program. 

We don't just cheer for a team... We are the team!!! 

 Our Teams

Fusion Athletic offers teams for all age levels and ability:
Tiny - Ages 6 and younger*
Mini - Ages 8 and younger*
Youth - Age 11 and younger*
Junior - Age 14 and younger*
Senior - Ages 10 to 18*

*Team placement is based upon skill, experience, and team size.


Cheerleader Commitment
All-Star Competition Cheerleading is a very intense sport. At Fusion Athletics, we take our cheerleading teams very seriously and expect our athletes and parents to take it seriously as well. Every one of our practices after summer open gyms is mandatory and we expect 100% attendance. Other sports have the luxury of taking someone from the bench and putting them in practice or in the game in place of the missing athlete. In cheerleading, we have no substitutes. Every single person chosen to be on our squad plays a vital role and MUST be present for team practices to be productive. We understand that our cheerleaders are athletes and may be involved in other extracurricular activities beyond Fusion Athletics. We are committed to planning our practices and competitions as far in advance as possible to allow our athletes to schedule accordingly. Fusion Athletics will work hard to build our practice schedule to avoid conflicts with Jr. High and Sr. High cheerleading allowing our athletes the opportunity to support their school teams and still be part of the exciting Fusion Athletics Family.

However, please keep in mind that Fusion Athletics must remain your priority if conflicts do arise. Missing Fusion Athletic Practices for school events, dances, practices, games, family outings, parties, wedding etc. are considered unexcused absences and will be counted as such. If you choose to join any sport other than school cheer, please make sure those practices and games will not conflict with Fusion Athletic events. Speak with the coaching staff of your extracurricular activity and make certain you will have their support and cooperation in making Fusion Athletic functions your priority. If there is an activity that is optional for your school and it is scheduled simultaneously while The Cheer Spot has a practice, we expect attendance at our practice. Fusion Athletic coaches reserve the right to sit you out of a competition or remove you from the team for excessive absences. Our attendance policy will be spelled out in detail in our Parents Handbook, to be distributed upon completion of try-outs.

Parental Commitment
Having an athlete on a Fusion Athletic team, is a commitment for you as well. As with any All-Star team, there are fees and payments associated with participating on this team. It is the responsibility of you, as the parent, to make your payments on time. Discounts will be offered for those paying in advance or who set-up auto-pay through debit or credit. If payments are not made on or before the due dates, your athlete will sit out. You can also assist your athlete by getting them to Fusion Athletics on time, having your child prepared for practices and/or competitions (i.e. making sure they have enough spending cash, have clean shoes, have their inhaler or other medical necessities on hand, etc.), and communicating your feelings to the coaches in a professional manner.

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