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“Becoming part of the Fusion’s All-Star Competitive Cheer Team is one of the best decisions we have made for our girl’s future. Because Competitive Cheer is more than just a sport. Competitive Cheer is where families are extended, life lessons are learned and the word “I can’t” isn’t accepted. Competitive Cheer is growing together and developing drive, determination, trust and loyalty. But most importantly, Competitive Cheer has developed long-lasting friendships between athletes, coaches and parents. Competitive Cheer is more than just a sport, it’s one crazy ride.”
— Jill Clark-Deiss

When you think of Fusion Athletics, think family fun while expanding skills! We would love to have you join us for tumbling, dance classes, gymnastics and the ALL NEW NINJA WARRIOR classes that are taking the gym by storm! Let’s not forget our awesome All-Star Cheer program that has won awards all across the country. Rain or shine, the gym is ready to provide fun for everyone even for your next birthday party!